7 - 9 Dec 2023

Ocean for all foundation

Created in 2019 by Phuket based David Martin and Thibault Salaun, both active lovers and promoters of the sea, the foundation was first imagined ten years ago, while the island was starting to explode as a major tourist destination.

However back then, while brands and entrepreneurs were busy establishing and developing their activities, making Phuket a flourishing economic spot, the necessity for a long term vision and for environmental concerns were still not a central part of the equation. Now, as our surrounding seas have growingly and visibly been affected, while everywhere in the world, concerns with environmental issues seem to become vital, OCEANS FOR ALL can become a central platform for initiatives and exchange. Starting in Phuket, they plan to further expand to other destinations where the sea is the main resource for tourism. Step by step, drop by drop.

Phuket Boat Lagoon Co., Ltd.
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