7 - 9 Dec 2023

Aries Murano

Aries Murano, it was created with the ambition to offer a choice of the best artistic production made in Murano and to become an essential showcase for the art of glass.

With its collections of art pieces and sculptures, Aries Murano displays a selection of objects dedicated to the table and the house, such as re need glassware, decorative panels and vases inspired by the theme of water and sea.

The common thread of all the collections is the craftsmanship with which each object is made, the absolute quality of every single detail, and a genuine passion for Venetian glass.

Glass is a world to explore, and Aries Murano is always seeking the best craftsmen capable to translate the millennial art of glassmaking into sculptures and decorative items.

Aries Murano is a showcase on Italian made art and design objects and limited editions that offer a perspective on contemporary living in an original way, beyond fashion.

Central Foresta Phuket 83000