5 - 7 Dec 2024


iAQUA is an international team of designers and engineers based in Shenzhen, Asia’s Silicon Valley, products in house, complex supply chains, sensible prices with years of automotive design and component manufacturing experience under our belts. We design, engineer, manufacture and assemble our products in-house meaning product development is fast-paced and efficient. By cutting out consultancies and complex supply chains we are able to offer iAQUA products at surprisingly sensible prices without any compromise in quality or performance.

iAQUA’s provenance lies in the automotive industry. We have years of experience in working with the most discerning car manufacturers that demand the highest quality products and components. We apply the same rigorous simulation and testing systems to our water-jet products – a sector that is unused to this high level of quality control.

Stingray is the first electric water-jet product to showcase iAQUA’s unique design, engineering and technology. We are currently working on several concepts that are based on our mantra of creating high performance products that are affordable, serviceable and fun.

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