8-10 Dec 2022

Darling Monte Carlo Yacht (22m / 72ft, Monte Carlo Yachts)

The MCY 70 is the perfect evolution of the aesthetics and cutting-edge functional qualities expressed by the MCY 76 and MCY 86. There is no yacht quite like the MCY 70, it is beautifully different from anything else found in the oceans of the world. Highly expressive of the Monte Carlo Yachts’ style with elements such as the high-flared bow, the MCY 70 also distinguishes itself with previously unseen features such as the sinuous flow between the profiles of the fly and fashion plates.

Designed with clear vision and built with state of the art production methods that feature a modular approach and innovative infusion process, the MCY 70, like all Monte Carlo Yachts, is built to take to sea and sail well and safely. The advanced keel structure features self-supporting sandwich plating that together with longitudinal reinforcements – there are no floor plates – a bow crash box, and extensive use of kevlar in the areas of greatest impact provide the Monte Carlo Yachts with a very solid but light shell.

The third boat in the MCY Collection to sail the seas, the MCY 70 features all the form and function the range is known for. The spacious aft area is fully sheltered by the extended flybridge and the ingenious usage of steel and glass fashion plates, a signature Monte Carlo Yachts trait, further increases the feeling of onboard privacy.