10-12 Dec 2021

Kata Rocks Poker Run (KRPR) 2021

Kata Rocks is bringing the famous American Poker Run to Phuket.

The 2nd Kata Rocks Poker Run will take place on 12th December 2021 and will again be an around the island rally starting from Kata Rocks. Participating boats will circumnavigate the island in a clockwise direction picking up a playing card at Xana Beach Club, The Playyard, Koh Rang Noi and Banana Beach before returning to Kata Rocks for the 5th card and collecting their Poker Run T-shirt – before enjoying the free beers and BBQ. The captain of the winning boat, with the best poker hand, will have their name added to the Kata Rocks Poker Run Trophy and will win a 2-night complimentary stay in a villa at Kata Rocks (Terms and conditions apply).

Race Start Time: 11.00 am 12th December 2021

Kata Rocks Poker Run – Programme Rundown

The day can start with a KR Breakfast – 50% Discount to Captains and Crew. Complimentary coffee and biscuits will be available at the Briefing. Poker Run Event Pack will be provided to each boat prior to the Briefing. (The Pack contains a copy of the course, details of each card pick-up location and KRPR 2021 Rules)

07:00 – 09:30 Poker Run last minute onsite registration
09:30 – 10:00 Poker Run briefing
11:00 – 15:00 Kata Rocks Poker Run
15:00 – 17:00 Poker Run BBQ at Kata Rocks

Download Map and Event Day Information

KRPR Kata Rocks Poker Run 2021 - Trophy
KRPR Kata Rocks Poker Run 2021 - TShirt

Entry Costs:

1 x Boat + 1 x Captain – THB 3,000
Additional crew – THB 1,000 per crew member

*Boats available to charter for this event – Select your boat, then register in form below and we’ll arrange the rest!
Note: Boat comes with a skipper and crew.

*Entry price is inclusive of 1 x Kata Rocks Poker Run 2021 T-Shirt for the captain and each registered crew member as well as their attendance at the free beers and BBQ celebration immediately after the race. Announcement of winners and prizes will occur before the end of the BBQ.

*The KRPR 2021 registration also includes an invitation for the captain (+partner) and registered crew members (+partner) to attend the KRSR fancy dress closing party themed “The Pirates of Phuket” between 20:00 and 01:00.


Payment must be received in full at the Kata Rocks online store between the 22nd November and 10th December 2021.

Additional crew registrations and payments will be accepted on the morning of the race briefing – up until 9:30 am.

Registrations for 2021:

Captains are requested to register their interest in participating in this event by filling in the form below.

Registrations will convert to a “Confirmed Entry” after an online payment is received (between November 22nd and December 10th).

KRPR Kata Rocks Poker Run 2021 Map

Map courtesy of www.southeastasiapilot.com

Past year results:

No. TIME IN Owner/Captain Boat Name CARD 1 CARD 2 CARD 3 CARD 4 CARD 5 COMMENTS
1 12:15 Martin Holmes ATARI VI A-C J-D2 7-C 7-S 2-C Pair of 7’s
2 12:17 Philipp Liholm SILVER CLOUD Q-S J-S 9-D 8-H 5-S
3 12:18 Hans Peter Martin CHOLAMARK K-D J-S 10-C 5-C 4-D
4 13:04 Albert Hoogeveen URBAN OUTFITTER 9-C 8-D 8-H 6-S 4-S Pair of 8’s
5 13:16 Momtchil Nikilov CAPELLI 1000 K-D J-S 9-C 7-S 2-D
6 13:18 Bill Johnson CIGARETTE K-C K-S J-H 8-H 5-H Pair of King’s
7 13:54 Man Pachantabutr VICE 9-S 8-S 4-D 3-D 2-S
8 13:55 Paul Baker SPARE RIB K-H K-S J-S 10-S 4-S Pair of King’s
9 13:57 Charoen Sasiluksananukul BLUE SIAM 1 K-D J-C 7-H 7-H 6-D Pair of 7’s & both are Heart’s!
10 13:59 Robert Hawkins SUNDANCE K-D 8-C 7-C 5-H 2-S
11 14:10 Douglas Pauling GREY AREA A-C A-C Q-D 5-S 2-C Winner – Pair of Ace’s & both are Clubs!
12 14:20 Mark Woodmansey BURGESS K-C K-D 10-H 9-D 5-S Pair of King’s
13 15:32 Adun Isabella INTERCEPTOR 10-D 9-H 8-C 8-S 6-D Pair of 8’s
14 D.N.F. Dan Fidoc SPANK 2
15 D.N.F. Owner/Captain BOOTS